Individual Coaching

The process

During the engagement, the coach acts as a sounding board, challenges thinking, stimulates creativity, provides tools and techniques for dealing with situations, gives encouragement and builds confidence.

In addition, the coach has unconditional positive regard for the client, has no agenda other than the client’s and is always on the client’s side.

Together with good personal chemistry – which is essential – this builds a working partnership based on trust.

The process is outcome based: clients develop their potential and apply it productively in the workplace. The more they practice their new skills, the better they get. Experience shows that clients tackle bigger challenges with more confidence and skill and achieve better results for their organisations and for themselves.

The sessions

The coaching sessions can be designed to address a range of business or management issues as required by the client. The sessions provide the opportunity to consider the issues from a range of perspectives, and agree on specific actions intended to develop the client’s abilities and confidence within the workplace.

The sessions provide the opportunity for reflection, but drive towards the process outcomes and are intended to engage and challenge the client.

Client outcomes

As well as addressing the specific management issues identified during the sessions, clients can expect a broader set of outcomes including achieving higher performance levels within the organisation and increased confidence in their role. Clients are also typically more proactive in taking responsibility for their own development.

Group Coaching

Setting behavioural change in a group context is essential in the corporate environment. Shareholder value hinges on the ability to drive change, whether though mergers and acquisitions, new venture incubation, or simply responding to changes in the market environment. Resistance to change represents one of the biggest obstacles to delivering shareholder value in the private sector. Similarly, the need to deliver long-term efficiencies will drive the need for behavioural change in the public sector for many years to come.

Group sessions typically focus on dealing with change and are often task-based. Facilitation through all stages of a team’s life, from forming, storming, norming and performing can be provided.

Skills Training

I can provide more formal training courses in support of individual or team skill development. I use a range of tools and techniques intended to engage, stimulate and challenge. Again, the training is designed to be outcome-focused, and to this end the workshops are designed to be participative, interactive and thought provoking.


Laura has been delivering her amazing training and coaching techniques for more than 11 years.

She has a broad reaching experience of different market sectors and blue chip companies.

Laura is an Accredited Assessor for the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI).

Currently she is studying for an M.Sc in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School.

Laura Neil



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